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Energy Efficiency Solutions

For years, The Schulz Group has provided energy efficiency solutions to our customers. Now we are transforming our own facility into a more environmentally friendly workplace.

Some of the things we have done to transform our own facility are:

  • Intensive recycling program in-house to include:
  • Batteries, oils, solvents, florescent bulbs, metals and ballasts from light fixtures, glass bottles, aluminum cans
  • Vari-drives (energy efficient drives) are being added to machines, starting with a milling machine in the machine shop
  • Energy efficient air compressors have been installed
  • An air compressor with a vari-drive has been added to the facility
  • All new vehicle purchases are increasingly more fuel efficient.

Spotlight: H20WELD: Oxygen Gas Generator

Used in making copper wire connections and eliminates the use of bottled carbonized gases, resulting in no CO2 emissions.


  • Safety: 10 Psi max, no stored gases. No harm to corneas from flame.
  • Ecology: Zero carbon emissions. Water vapor bi-product is absorbed into air.
  • Handling: Lightweight handle and simple to use.
  • Economy: 85% less expensive to operate than bottled gas.
  • Heat Quality: 6500 ’F, neutral flame, precise, robust.


No hazardous fumes produced as a by-product. Special safety glasses not required; non-carbonized flame Operates at 2-7 Psi., depending upon torch tip size. Not governed by OSHA standards. Not considered compressed gas. Not a hazardous or combustible machine.


Easy employee training and use. Same flame without employee intervention. Better fill due to focused heating and improved capillary action. Fewer voids due to better joint fill. Less heat transfer and overspray of flame. 50% less heat dissipation, hence less oxidation and heat transfer damage.


No by-product pollutants. Operates on Distilled Water and Electricity. No CO2


80-90% lower operational cost than bottled gas based on $0.10/KW. Faster brazing time than conventional heat.


Flexible torch tip accessories. Light weight and versatile. Torch can extend 150 feet from machine. No explosive canisters to touch.


2000’C higher temperature than conventional bottled gas. Clean burning. Adjust by distance of flame to object, not by adjusting mixture of gas. Always a neutral flame. More focused heat to brazing area, less heat expansion.

H2O Weld information provided by, and property of H2O Weld, LLC. West Allis, WI

Energy Efficiency Solutions
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